SEO Copywriting

It is important to make sure your copy is optimized to be found by the search engines.

SEO Copywriting

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SEO Copywriting

Whoever does not want to earn more money, please raise your hand. I did not see any hands raised which is a good sign, that means you all need some search engine optimisation in your life! SEO Copywriting is a style of writing will help you rank in the search results and gather free traffic to your website without spending tons of money on paid advertising. Paid advertising is not bad but save money where you can. SEO Copywriting involves keyword research while centralizing your page copy around one topic. In the past many focused on showing up in the number one spot on Google for phrases that they wanted to target. This is not the case anymore as Google looks more at the page topic rather than repeating a bunch of keywords on the page.

There are a variety of tools out there to use to conduct your keyword research and see what are the hot trending topics. One can simply start blogging or write their website copy but keep in mind the end goal is to convert your audience into revenue dollars. SEO Copywriting is not all about just writing for the search engines but for your readers as well. The rule of thumb is to write for the user first THEN the search engines.

Certified SEO Copywriter

I have been working in the digital marketing area for over 5 years now and there certainly has been a lot of changes since I began. As my interest grew in this area, I took Heather Lloyd’s Certified SEO Copywriting course and it really helped me in freelancing as well as my professional career as a digital marketing hospitality professional. The certification is open to anyone pursuing this type of career but for me it added to my credentials.

seo copywriting

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