My Journey

Our experiences contribute to our journey which in the end writes our story


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e-Commerce Website

This was my first business venture of building an e-Commerce web store where I selected my own product, set up my shipper, credit card processing and building traffic to my site using SEO techniques.


In the Summer of 2015 I presented to 70 of my work colleagues to introduce them to e-Commerce and digital marketing. Click below to view the presentation.

WordPress Websites

Copywriting Examples

Google Plus Descriptions

Having a fully optimized Google My Business Listing is crucial if you want to succeed locally. Contact me if you are interested in setting this up for your business.

Nalla Training

Nalla Training and Consulting is a small business specializing in training other small businesses in the alcohol and food service industry. They will train your team according to the state laws and how to handle a variety of situations. Nalla is based in Millersville, MD.


 [pdf_attachment file=”1″ name=”NallaSmithwickCaseStudy”]



Golgotha Cycles is a motorcycle shop in Lansing, MI that sells a variety of motorcycle bikes with the ability to accessorize them. They also have a variety of clothing, boots and accessories.



Skywerx Aviation is an air charter, acquisition and aircraft management company. Based in Blair, Nebraska they have the ability to maintain and provide air flight services to you. This is much cheaper than trying to own and do it all yourself.


Feature – MBA