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Resume & LinkedIn Optimization

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Why Optimizing Your Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile Matters

One may wonder why an individual specializing in digital marketing would be offering a career type service. The answer is pretty simple, The same way you search on Google for your topic, employers do the same thing when searching through thousands of resumes trying to find their candidate! Whether someone is searching using a search engine or a database to perform the search the fundamentals are the same as it is all derived by keywords and phrases you may be searching by. In a nutshell your job documents need to contain the keywords of which you want to be found for.

Resume Must Haves

  • Clear and concise statements explaining your history, qualifications and most important, your story
  • Keywords and phrases matching what you are seeking. This needs to be specific as possible to weed out the calls you don’t want.
  • Easily readable and properly formatted. Your potential employer shouldn’t have to search for content. Keep it on point and less fluff and make sure your Resume headline grabs attention. Average time is 7 seconds that someone will spend reading your resume.

LinkedIn Optimization

  • Think of your LinkedIn profile as your expanded resume. Here you can expand more on what sets you apart from your competition.
  • Your networking here is invaluable. While filling out your profile completely is incredibly important it is even better if you share regular professional updates, active in a variety of relevant groups on LinkedIn and are using the LinkedIn Pulse platform to showcase your expertise about a particular subject.
  • Contact me today to learn more about how to use LinkedIn to your advantage!

Cover Letter Writing

  • This job searching document tends to be a chore to most people but I still feel it is needed depending on the job you are applying for.
  • When writing one make sure it is not a repeat of your resume but rather an extension allowing to expand on why you are fit for the job.
  • Keep it to 3-4 paragraphs and precise in your wording choice and leave out the fluff.

Get In Touch

Contact me today for assistance in optimizing your LinkedIn, writing your resume and cover letter. I can provide expertise based on my experience to help you along to find your dream job. On average I typically get most of my job leads from LinkedIn about every 3 weeks. During hiring season it can be more.