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My Story

We all have a story that begins at birth; it is up to us to continue writing our story while inspiring others.

My Story

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Digital Marketing and the Online World are my Passion

I was a sophomore in highschool when I began buying and selling on eBay. This introduced me to online audiences and the unlimited possibilities to connect with anyone in the world. No longer was commerce limited to a brick and mortar location. From here I had the opportunity to build my first website and a second website before I graduated highschool.

After graduation I participated in a small business seminar that included a mentorship program. This was where I learned to formulate a business idea into a reality. Under the mentorship I was taught how to construct my e-Commerce website for business, building site traffic using Search Engine Optimization techniques, choosing a product to sell, finding a shipper, arranging my financials along with how to accept online payments and to partner with sites like eBay to maximize my sales. I no longer run the site but you can view My Portfolio to see my e-Commerce website.

Growing into an Expert in Digital Marketing

My interest grew very strong for digital marketing as I began educating myself about Search Engine Optimization and its components. This lead to graduating with my BS in Business Administration e-Commerce/Marketing from Ferris State University and becoming an SEO Certified Copywriter. In Spring of 2012 I accepted my first position as a Digital Marketing Coordinator at an agency specializing in hospitality online marketing. During my time here I quickly rose through the ranks to Digital Marketing Manager and ending in the Senior lead role before moving on to be an e-Commerce Manager for a hospitality management company in late 2014. My latest accomplishment concludes with me earning my MBA in Internet Marketing in August 2015 from Southern New Hampshire University.